Thanks for deciding to plan a visit with us! We know you have a lot going on in your life and weekends are valuable to us all. We think you will find The Harbor to be will worth the investment. It is our dream to have a church where guest FEEL COMFORTABLE and attendees don’t have to think twice about inviting a friend. We want to offer a SAFE ENVIRONMENT where it’s okay to sit back, laugh, learn, observe, and enjoy. 
What to Expect
* Our band will play 3 or 4 worship songs (it’s a little louder than some people are used to).
*A pastor will speak for about 35 minutes.
*We’ll pass some buckets so people can give their offerings (we don’t expect our guest to participate).
*In about 75 minutes, the service will be over. You’ll know it’s the end when we tell everyone to, “have a great week!”
*If you are new, we will hook you up with a gift at the HarborVIP on the way out.
You may be wondering where we are located. We are on the corner of Hwy 40 and Colerain Rd in Kingsland, Georgia. Here is a google map where you can click to get directions from your location. 
Once you have visited you may wondering, “What’s next?”
H/track is the next step for anyone who’s been attending The Harbor. If you want to learn more about our church, find a LifeGroup or find out where you can start serving, h/track is the place for you. For more information or to sign up for h/track, click here.
Lifegroups are where people of The Harbor get together, have fun, grow in their faith and simply do life together. There are more than a dozen groups and you can be sure there’s one just for you. Lifegroups meet during three semesters throughout the year, so you can jump into a group pretty much whenever you want. For more info and the check out our current groups click here.
Once you have completed H/track you will have an opportunity to become a partner with us!